These may be the most terrifying viewing terraces in the world

Creative tourism entrepreneurs find ways to present the best scenery in the most bizarre and even scary ways and present it to the enthusiast. The subject of this review is the viewing platforms that can make you dizzy even when looking at the photo or video. These 10 viewing terraces, most of which are made of glass (i.e. transparent) floors and very high altitudes, are as pleasant and creepy as they are. Especially, is there no handrail terrace in Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai!

Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness, Dachstein, Austria

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Glass Bridge (Glass Bridge), Langya Mountain, China

Market Square Tower glass pool, Houston, USA

Le Pas dance Le Vide cruise terrace, Chamonix, France

Glass based toilet, Guadalajara, Mexico

Jin Mao Tower Skywalk, Shanghai, China

Harmony of the Seas cruise ship glass terrace

Glacier Skywalk, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Matteo Thun, Merano, Italy