12 lies we told ourselves when traveling

Sometimes we all lie to ourselves (usually) pink lies when we travel. Some of these are to make us feel comfortable about our preferences, while others are just as believing in the moment even though we do not believe in it. Smarter Travel has compiled the most popular among the travel lies. If you have anything to add, you can use the comments section or our Facebook page.

1- I walked so much that I burned all my food

Ice creams, desserts, spirits… I wish it was possible to burn them all by walking. Okay, walking in foreign lands is great, but eating and drinking are just as delicious and calorie!

2- This bag is absolutely portable

Zippers are closing, sized to suit airline rules. What about the weight?

3- I do not need a hotel, I sleep on the bus, train or plane

Excited night trips, noisy passengers, baby crying … There are too many setbacks that will frustrate this hope.

4- I will not check my e-mails

What if your boss needs something urgent? What if my coworkers fail to collect the project I left halfway … You will surely find an excuse to check in between, sure.

5- 6:00 flight in the morning is not so bad

There is nothing wrong with giving less than 100 lira. As long as you can get up at 2am and be at the airport at 4am …

6- This comforter has been washed

Although hotels change the bed sheets, they cannot wash the duvets. Of course, this does not prevent fooling ourselves. Ours is absolutely clean!

7- I wear this for sure

What if you suddenly need to go somewhere stylish, if it gets a little cold, or if there is a possibility of swimming in the business trip? Take it all with you…

8- How much time will I spend at the hotel anyway?

We are going all day, sunbathing and swimming, going to have fun in the evening, why not go to a decent hotel and spend extra money?

9- I’m sure these new shoes won’t hit

I bought it today, but they are so beautiful that even if I wear it all day, it will not be a problem.

10- It won’t be that cold

We will always be on the move, we get warm, there is no need to buy such a thick thing…

11- I’ll just spend that much

(One of the most popular in travel lies 🙂 My daily budget is 150 lira, I withdraw money from ATM accordingly and I will never spend more. Souvenirs, interesting activities do not seduce me!

12- I will not spend time on social media

We are constantly using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flipboard in daily life; so I’m going to use this trip to do technology detox. Aaaa, does this train have Wi-Fi?

(photo: Holiday Time, 2015)