10 tips from the world for travelers who love horrible places

It is possible to find dozens of lists of “beautiful” places that you should not die without seeing; however, places that are flooded with tourists every year are not rare because they are frightening and interesting. Here are 9 of the most spooky places in the world for those who want to experience a fear-induced adrenaline attack in a part of their holiday:

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

This magnificent forest near Mount Fuji is also known as ‘Suicide Forest’ apart from its name. The forest, where 100 people have gone to kill themselves in the last 60 years, is not attracting the attention of tourists.

Paris catacombs

The total length of the tunnel network under Paris is about 280 kilometers and it is said that more than 6 million corpses have been cemeteries. Although some of the catacombs are open to the public, most of them are still hidden and can only be visited illegally by adventurers who love spooky places.

Tophet Temple, Tunisia

Ancient Tunisians sacrificed thousands of children here, believing that they would protect them in difficult times.

Poveglia, Italy

Poveglia, also known as Plague Island, is one of the places that deserves its bad reputation. Between 1793 and 1814, 160 thousand people were kept under quarantine and died there. There are mass graves to date. Even more terrifying, a mental hospital last served on the island, but a doctor here did strange experiments on their patients and eventually committed suicide, claiming they were after the ghosts.

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital, Germany

In this abandoned hospital today, Adolf Hitler and the top management of the Nazi regime were treated. Needless to say anything else?

Jacob’s Well (The Well of Jacob), Texas, USA

Natural spring water pools are especially famous for roundabout underwater caves and labyrinths. The popular place of excited diving enthusiasts is often the scene of drowning. To date, the diver has lost his life by stuck in labyrinths.

Akodessewa Bazaar, Togo

Togo is still a country where many local religious beliefs continue. If you go shopping, you may encounter monkey heads in Akodessewa Bazaar. You can have your most scary shopping experience here!

Capela dos Ossos (Skeleton Chapel), Portugal

The walls and ceilings of this chapel, which was “decorated” by a monk whose mood was not very well in the 1500s, was covered with skull and skeleton pieces of approximately 5,000 monks.

West Virginia State Prison, USA

It is up to you to discover whether the evil ghosts are real in this prison, which has more than 100 deaths.

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