How can the reality be different from those dreamed of when traveling?

Nobody needs pink glasses anymore, instead they have tons of Instagram filters. So travel can often become disappointing. Where are those blue seas beyond the dreams encountered on the internet, white beaches? I guess this is the worst aspect of seeing the beauty that has been met and cared for and dreamed of with its best in Instagram, even better than they are often. The bar is so high that no matter how beautiful the truth lies below it, the huge difference between dreams and facts can be demoralized.

The only problem is not the colors, but it should not be forgotten how much the frame can become meaningless as the angle increases in the photographs that make every tourist look like an explorer. Travel Triangle has looked at the most popular tourism destinations in the world. Here are the facts with successive dreams.

1- Great Wall, China

2- Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

3- Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum, France

4- Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

5- Venice, Italy

6- Rio de Janeiro Beach, Brazil

7- Maldives

8- Taj Mahal, India

9- Santorini, Greece

10- Maya Beach, Thailand

11- Fountain of Love, Rome, Italy

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

13- Pyramids of Giza, Egypt