The most popular cities in the world according to travelers

TripAdvisor has released another global popularity list that it has prepared periodically, from the world’s largest travel reviews, reviews and booking sites. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, ranked first in the World’s Most Popular Cities 2019 list based on the number of users’ searches, comments and reservations. Bali, which was at the top of the list last year, dropped to fifth place in 2019. Istanbul, which ranked 11th last year, climbed three places and ranked 8th.

The 25 most popular cities of 2019 with the votes and comments of TripAdvisor users:

1. London, United Kingdom

2. Paris, France

3. Rome, Italy

4. Crete, Greece

5. Bali, Indonesia

6. Phuket, Thailand

7. Barcelona, ​​Spain

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Marrakesh, Morocco

10. Dubai, UAE

11. Prague, Czech Republic

12. Siem Reap, Cambodia

13. New York, USA

14. Jamaica

15. Hanoi, Vietnam

16. Tokyo, Japan

17. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

18. Lisbon, Portugal

19. Kathmandu, Nepal

20. Jaipur, India

21. Hurghada, Egypt

22. Hong Kong

23. Cusco, Peru

24. Sydney, Australia

25. Tel Aviv, Israel

Images: WikimediaCommons