Shark and me!

The husband in the water shouts:

– Koooş Buket running!
– Hayrola, did something happen instead?
– Bring whatever camera, video camera are all.
– Oh, wait, two minutes.
– Hurry, run!
– Oops, are you going to raise me to the tannery?
– # @ -! … THE SHARK! KOŞŞŞŞŞ!

Unbelievable! The man called the shark to talk to the shark. What did our ancestors say? “It happens if you say 40 times!”

The shark talk first started with the hostess on the Istanbul-Dubai flight. Was there a shark in the Maldives, was it dangerous, did it bite?

No dear! What is the shark doing in the Indian ocean? I am sure it is very docile, if any. You are caressing your head or something. It is curling like a cat at the bottom of the knee. Such answer to such question! Are they the question to be asked? And the stewardess? Though the stewardess was like a peanut, 90-60-90.

She wore her red lipstick exclusive to Emirates. The teeth are like pearls, shine when you smile so that you have to narrow your eyes. Also, our daughter must be nice to Arabs, blonde, colorful eyes. Ours may have tried to create an excuse to speak. E, he’s the right man. Looking at the beauty is good; it is also better to speak to the beauty ..?! Then the same conversation on the Dubai-Male plane. This time, the hostess is not so pretentious.

Photo: Ibrahim Asad @ Pexels

Fortunately, the last plane we got on was a water plane and was not at all convenient to speak. It was more like a van with a propeller than an airplane. The engine was making such a loud sound that we couldn’t even hear each other, if we were talking, or rather speaking. As the plane rose, we were fascinated and our tongue was kept.

While watching outside, I said, “The view below cannot be real; I’m looking at a definite oil painting. ” As if someone took the brush and shook it randomly; it scattered drops of paint everywhere. White, turquoise, green, navy colors are moire, wave by wave scattered, spots have formed. Every day has been turned into an island. A strange, miraculous sight!

Our language was resolved upon arrival of Medhufushi, where the whirring plane landed in the water. While sipping our cocktails at the entrance of the hotel, ours asked the waiter again, “Is there a shark?” He said. “There is.” said the waiter. “Finally!” I said, “We can be scared comfortably now.”

We went to the bungalow, I had just opened the cover of the suitcase that ours wore the swimsuit and jumped into the water. Two minutes passed, he started yelling, “Shark, run, come!” Of course I ran. Our guest was very nice. But he also has a father somewhere. So I immediately got dressed, took my snorkel and dived. Don’t look at what I said I dived. You can walk for miles in Maldives in the ocean. The water is almost knee-high, very warm, but the color is magnificent turquoise then suddenly deepens and the color becomes dark navy. Anyway, when he got into the water, he also welcomed me with a little shark. No matter how small it is, the shark is a shark, a fear raided us. There was nobody other than us on the beach anyway. Who would we ask for help if something happened to us?

Photo: WikimediaCommons

We saw a leaflet saying “This won’t be the way, if we don’t dive alone”. It turns out there was a “snorkelling tour”. Since they were snorkeling rather than scuba, they probably plunged from the shore of the island, so we thought and printed ourselves. Ours asked the waitress again about the sharks. “Don’t be afraid, they won’t do anything,” said the waiter, laughing. I guess the sun was on his head. What do they mean they don’t do anything? Is this cat fish? My wife was also tortured. The waiter continued to explain. Recently, how many meters of sharks have passed by an English tourist on the shore where they will take us to dive today. The tourist did not clap his arms, our fish did not attack. “E, how do we stand on the water without moving the arms?” ours asked. “With the palette, of course,” the waiter said. We started looking at each other and laughing. I had my palette, ours’ feet are 46-47. When the natural state of the feet was like a palette, he said, “No need for me.” Now we realized that there was still a need. We rushed to the rush surf school and rented a pallet.

We met with other guests at the pier in front of the hotel during the diving time. A small boat came and took us. On the boat, the Japanese, the Germans, the strange clocks in their arms, the apparatus … We couldn’t understand what happened. We will dive from the shore with snorkel, what is the need for this much detail? We don’t have a hobby like that. We just wondered, that’s all we wanted to see. With our snorkel sets from the Tuesday market, we expect to be seated like a sacrificial lamb in front of the Japanese who have been wearing them.

Our boat opens as it unfolds. No island in sight, nor any other piece of land, just the vast Indian ocean. We whispered among us, probably because we were being taken to another island. Then the boat slowed down and stopped. “Hayırrr! They can’t be downloading us here. This is officially in the middle of the ocean ?! ” The captain started talking “be a group of two, dive together, don’t leave each other, we’ll take you an hour later” “Are you kidding? Let me tell you that this is a joke. We thought we would dive off the coast as a group. ” No, it’s not a joke. We had to jump seriously here. I looked at the water, I saw a foliage in the middle of lap navy blue water. It turns out that it would be a mountain in the ocean. This was the top of the mountain, and on top of it, coral. Yes, there is no piece of land that appears outside the water, but a certain point is quite shallow.

Photo: Bru-nO @ Pixabay

“The sunk fish going side by side!” We jumped into the water, among the corals … If we could talk under water, we would definitely hear things like “Ooo mein Gott! Sugoi! Wow, audiences…! ”

I can swear I haven’t seen anything like this before. All the colors of the rainbow are under water! If I knew I would not swallow water, I would watch my mouth open. Blue, yellow, green, red … May I have jumped into an aquarium instead of the ocean? Hundreds of colorful fish are spinning around me. Do I wonder if I extend my hand? I feel dizzy with pleasure. I’m on top of a high mountain under the ocean.

If I could step on corals, it may even be where I am. So bright that so colorful. Everything was beautiful, until I turned my back. The more colorful and the lighter in front of me, the darker, blackish behind me. The ocean swallowed the sun, destroyed it. If I am at the top of a mountain right now, the place I looked at was a cliff that was miles deep. Will I die if my feet slip and drift towards my cliff? What’s down there? I can not see anything. I’m starting to get frightened. Panic spread rapidly throughout my body. My heart got faster, very fast. I was breathless because I was holding my breath. What happens to me? Is that a panic attack? I immediately got on the water. The boat that left us was getting more and more distant. I was horrified. I started screaming like crazy to come back. Nobody heard. I dived into the water again and took ours on the water. I said, “If you don’t want to be a widow at a young age, take me to the boat.”

And we started to surface towards the boat that was moving away from us in that black Indian ocean. At least, who knows what was swimming right now? Fortunately, someone on the boat saw us and came back. I got on the boat, ours jumped again into the water and swam to the corals

I was so scared, really scared! But strangely, fear triggered my curiosity. As I wondered, the water world has drawn me in. I am amazed by the whale fan now. So much so that if I meet in the water, I can even caress their heads as if I can’t caress or have a direct heart attack. Better yet, let me watch them again from the boat.

“Life is a bold adventure or nothing you call it!” said Helen Keller. Before you go on an adventure book a check-up, whatever happens.

Stay with love,

This article was first published in the Media Diary.
Main image: Mohmd Xan @ YouTube