Barcelona: Delightful, colorful, active

We had just set foot in Barcelona. Before going to the hotel, our guide was traveling around the city by car. The weather was fantastic. Their buildings and women are also great! The ingenious works of architect Antoni Gaudi, the light of Spanish and Catalan women all caught our eyes.

While the admiring fan was examining the environment, it was something waiting at the traffic lights, or rather a person caught my attention. Sandals on his feet, a backpack on his back, and a tan on his back… um… a… NOTHING! The man has not officially worn anything! Born from the mother you know, naked! He’s just waiting for the lights, next to him, lots of normal-dressed people. How do they stand side by side? Why don’t they run away? Why is no one handing over the situation?

“Don’t look there, Buket, turn your head. It’s a shame, go take care of other things! ” Somebody in my brain was telling me these things, but both in my mouth and a little, “Oh my God man naked, everyone look at the traffic light there!” she snapped. Everyone in the vehicle stuck on the glass like Garfield. Excluding two people, the driver and the guide who has lived there for many years. Was this naked man crazy? If so, why were other people not afraid, why did they not escape? Because the man wasn’t crazy, or rather. Maybe we were crazy! That man was just one of the nudists found abundantly in Spain.

Nudism or Naturism is the state where people can easily find their bodies together socially naked and integrated with nature. It does not have a sexual meaning. (I cited from Wikipedia)

These people are included in the society as they are, accepted. There are even private beaches, gyms, yoga classes. In an interview I read, they wrote that it is inconvenient to do sports naked, and that it is necessary for health to wear a sweat-absorbent clothing. So it is acceptable to be naked while walking, but is it a problem while doing sports? This nudity situation that is acceptable for Spain is extremely abnormal for us. How weird, is not it? Societies in which we live both the right and the wrong create. Does it really matter what we wear? No one looks back even if you’re getting naked when you’re used to it


I love the song “La Sagrada Familia” by The Alan Parsons Project. My brother, who was trying to graduate from the conservatory years ago, would shout this song. He listened to it many times, he listened to the orchestra with great excitement. Look, now wind instruments will come in, listen to the piano, now the violin is coming, especially if the saxophone started, it would jump up and make a saxophone sound with its mouth. I swallowed like a pill 9-minute “La Sagrada Familia”. This album, named “Gaudi”, was dedicated to Antoni Gaudi, even the Spanish architect. La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) is the name of the basilica (a kind of church), which was started by Gaudi in 1882 but could not be completed because it died under a tram.

This basilica is literally a masterpiece. And I confess with embarrassment that I could not get into this masterpiece. Just for this reason, I have to go to Barcelona again. Because the church is as extraordinary as the interior. As you walk between the pillars in the form of branches and knots, it feels like you are in the forest (mus). It is thought that La Sagrada Familia, which is still under construction, will be finished in 2026.

Casa Batlló, one of the buildings designed by Gaudi on Passeig de Gracia Boulevard, is one of the must-see works of Gaudi with its bone-shaped thin columns used on its exterior, roof, mosaic chimney and stained glass windows. Casa Mila, which is also in the same region, was made to prove how wider the imagination could be or how Gaudi was inspired by Cappadocia. It is a narration that Gaudi was inspired by Cappadocia because he never expressed such a thing. However, when you put the photos of cave houses and Casa Mila in Cappadocia side by side, you will notice the similarity. Likewise, the chimneys and towers of other works resemble fairy chimneys, wisely. Gaudi uses curved, wavy, curved, asymmetrical lines in almost all his works. He creates his works with the understanding that there is no straight line in nature.

What is the situation of this Park Güell? I say Gaudi is not inspired by nature this time, but from a cream cake or a candy store or Hansel and Gretel. Take a bottle of whipped cream, squeeze it on the roofs of the buildings, make the garden walls wavy and lay mosaic on it, and here is Park Güell! Made in 1914 as an indicator of nobility for the Güell family, this park radiates energy and joy with its colors, texture and line.

Night life

What is happening on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​which is full of night and day and night, is legendary. Night clubs on the beaches are highly recommended for young people and those who feel young. Barcelona nightlife is quite active not only on the beaches but also in the city center. We went to Buda Bar. In the night of Latin America… The dancers who transferred from Rio Festival to Barcelona welcomed us. We had so much fun. Unfortunately, you will not have fun, because it is closed.

Aquarium enthusiasts must see Barcelona Aquarium, art enthusiasts must see the Picasso Museum and football enthusiasts must see the “Camp Nou” Stadium.

And let’s come to my favorite part, that is to dinner:

I had eaten my first snail in Barcelona. The taste of the cooked snail looks like a mushroom. If you like mushrooms, you will like it too. I was not disappointed when a Spanish friend accompanying us at dinner explained how the snails they bought to cook at home, when the pack was drilled, how they climbed the walls, ceilings, the shocking landscape they entered into the kitchen, and how difficult it was to get them back. I also admit that the snails I ate in other countries were much tastier. Snail is not necessarily one of the things you have to eat in Barcelona.

What you should eat; an indisputable seafood tight paella. Paella is actually a kind of saffron rice made from the leftovers in the kitchen.

They can put everything in their hands, but the most successful is definitely the seafood. “7 portes” and the historical “Los Caracoles” serving since 1825 are two restaurants where you can eat beautiful Paella.

Tapas: Spanish appetizer. But such an appetizer can sometimes replace a meal. There are many varieties from seafood to appetizers served on small slices of bread. Where will you eat? “Ciudad Conda” is shown as the best tapas of Barcelona. Go and have a try. The final decision is yours.

Sangria: A kind of wine cocktail with fresh fruits. It is a sweet drink. Comes in the jug and I love it.

And let’s make the finale with wine. The Spanish are very ambitious about wine. If you have time, you can visit the cathedral and wine cellars of Black Virgin Mary and the wine cellars in the historic city of Monserrat, located on high rocks, about 1 hour away from Barcelona. Have fun already.

Note: This article was previously published in the Media Diary.