12 dazzling chocolate shops from around the world

Chocolate, which is thought to be consumed for the first time in Mexico as a beverage about 4 thousand years ago, is a food that has made almost everyone dependent on it today. There are many masters in the world that add distinct soul to chocolate, which takes thousands of shapes, from pure, bitter, black varieties to sculpted, abundant fruits and ornate varieties. Let’s do a favor for chocolate lovers who may fall abroad, stop by the shops of the best chocolate masters who have not yet industrialized the work, still making chocolate by hand using organic cocoa and natural ingredients. If there is a chocolate shop you think is missing, you can add it to the comment section at the end.

Teuscher – Zurich, Switzerland

Those who know the chocolate world are probably not surprised that we started the list with Teuscher. The natural, handmade and different chocolates of Dolf Teuscher, who started developing his own chocolate recipes more than 70 years ago in a small town in the Swiss Alps, is famous all over the world. In the kitchens in Zurich, more than 100 kinds of chocolates and chocolate-based confectionery made with the most expensive materials, which are still completely natural (you can also say organic), are sent by plane to shops around the world every week.

House of Chocolate – Zurich, Switzerland

Located in the shopping area near the central station of Zurich, the chocolate store sells organic and handmade chocolates from all different countries, especially Switzerland. There are natural chocolate and confectionery products in incredibly different flavors from Italy, Belgium and Madagascar in the very pleasant and fragrant store. Apart from chocolate, especially the macarons called schwiizerli are also famous.

Patrick Roger Chocolatier – Paris, France

The top three must be included, chocolate artist Patrick Roger. Patrick Roger Chocolatier, who has six ’boutiques’ in Paris, differs with the presentation of hand-made chocolates with organic cocoa and other ingredients. Fascinating visitors with incredible beauty chocolate sculptures, Patrick Roger also designed his stores very creatively.

La Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory – Broc, Switzerland

La Maison Cailler chocolate factory, located in Broc near Gruyères, claims that it is not only one of the largest chocolate producers in Switzerland, but also the first Swiss chocolate brand. The workshop, which has been producing chocolate since 1819, has been a part of the Nestlé group since 1929, but maintains organic chocolate production independently of the group. In the meantime, let’s add that regular tours, chocolate making workshops and parties are organized in the factory.

Que Bo! – Mexico City, Mexico

Of course, it is impossible that chocolate culture is not developed in Mexico, the homeland of cocoa and where chocolate is first consumed. The chocolate shop founded by José Ramón Castillo, one of the country’s famous chefs and TV programmers, has opened Mexican chocolate to the world. Chocolate varieties, all prepared with organic cocoa and other ingredients from local producers, are especially popular with their local flavors such as mango, red pepper and guava. At Que Bo! ‘S five shops in Mexico City, it is very likely that people will lose themselves.

Roselen Chocolatier – Lima, Peru

Roselen Chocolatier chocolate shop, an initiative focused on presentation and naturalness, which emerged when graphic designer Giorgio Demarini later transferred his skills to his lover chocolate. It is possible to feel very special essences that it benefits from Peruvian special vegetation in its chocolates like sculptures that are shaped and painted individually by hand. The famous master, who does not hesitate to make new experiments while carrying the Peruvian chocolate tradition to this day, organizes tasting trips, where he analyzes and explains drinks and by-products that can go with each chocolate.

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